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I’m Sohaib ul Saleem —, a highly skilled Coru Registered  Physiotherapist based in Ireland and the visionary Founder of Inquire Physio. With a passion for helping others, Our expertise lies in providing professional services that streamline and guide individuals through the Coru Registration Process, ensuring a seamless journey into the world of physiotherapy.

Our Achievements

License Processed
CV Desinged
Cover Letter Designed

Humble Beginnings

As you embark on the journey of fulfilling your dreams, I encourage you to consider the incredible opportunity of studying or working abroad. This experience will not only broaden your horizons but also expose you to diverse cultures and perspectives, fostering personal growth and professional development. Embrace the challenges and seize every moment to make lasting memories while you make your dreams a reality.

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Meet Our Amazing Team

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Project Lead

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Head of Communications

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Tafseer ul Hassan

Executive Director